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DIY STEAM Based  Costume Kits!

Handmade, Unique, Awesome Costumes!

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Halloween can still be Awesome !

Despite Covid-19 you can still have an amazing Halloween with our socially distant candy dispenser.

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One-of-a-Kind Costumes

That you make on your own or as a family using our kits.


About Us

Our Story

We are the Sheth Brothers - Abhinav (me) and Ishaan. And this is our story. Since I was little, I have made and created things. It all started with Legos and snap blocks. Some of my memorable projects were a misting hat that kept me cool in summer, a remote controlled delivery robot out of snap blocks and an R/C car, my own version of an Apple store with futuristic versions of Apple products (like iPhone 30) out of recycled cardboard, and a Lego key holder. As I grew older, I started looking at YouTube videos and ventured into creating more complex projects like illusion floating faucet, water dispensers using basic at home-materials , and a Spiderman web-shooter out of a butane lighter. Not all my ideas were successful but my mistakes kept me thinking and improvising. Looking at my interest in making things, my Mom asked me to come up with an idea for a DIY costume for Halloween. With her help, I made my first Halloween costume which was a Fall tree in 2017. It was an instant hit in our community and that boosted my confidence in addition to my candy collection. I pursued my passion and kept making my own costumes every year since. I also helped my brother make his costumes. Later, friends of my parents started asking about the costumes and if I could teach their children how to make their costumes. That gave me the first idea about starting a costume business. My brother is also very creative and comes up with great product and marketing ideas. Together we started C3 Costumes! And we would love help you make a custom and unique costume for Halloween!

About Us

Ready to wear Costume Pick-up available in the DMV Area

How It Works

Costume Design

Here at C3 Costumes we take great pride in our hand-made one of a kind costumes. Each one of these carefully crafted costumes fits your specific needs and size. Our many unique designs are crafted using recyclable materials and eco-friendly products.

Costume Assembly

All costumes are shipped in kits with all the necessary materials and step-by-step instructional videos. You should be able to assemble the costume with ease. All that's needed is the motivation to make your own unique costume and a little bit of patience!

Submit your Idea

If you don't find a costume you like or if you have an idea for a unique costume, please submit it using the contact form below. We are always looking for a challenge and will try our best to design a custom costume based on your needs. We will send you a quote and a design and if you like it, you can order!

Watch the entire ordering, shipping, and building process in the video bellow.

Still Curious?



Contact Us

Thanks for contacting us! We will get back to you soon!

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